Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update March 2010

Went in for an appointment with my new Oncologist yesterday morning. We discussed my prior treatment and he ordered a new PET scan to be done in the next couple of weeks. I meet with him next week, so that he can get all my meds situated here and I start Chemo next week. I will be continuing with the same Chemo - Folfox without the Oxy with the biological treatment Erbitux. He also is putting in a referral for genetic testing as there is a possibility that I have a syndrome that I may have passed along to my children.

He showed me the scan images from Jan on his computer of my Lungs and my Liver. My lungs were clear in Jan, but my Liver images (although not a surprise) were shocking to see in visual. My tumors are still quite large and he made it clear that this is a chronic lifelong condition. I may go into periods of remission, but it is unlikely that I will ever be cancer-free.

Otherwise, I am doing quite well. The boys are going to be enrolled in an excellent daycare here for when I am receiving treatment. They are both very excited to play with other children their own ages.

As Always, thanks to everyone for the continued prayers and support. I will update again next week when I see my Oncologist again and start back up on Chemo.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

An Update

So, it has been awhile since I last updated. The boys and I are still in Minnesota enjoying an extended "vacation". The boys have enjoyed playing in the snow, sledding, and making a snowman with Mark. It has been a wonderful time and a much needed break from my normal routine of Chemo, Dr's appts, and the regular craziness of my life.

I have an appt with my Oncologist on the 15th of March to discuss treatment options and see where we go from here. I am still feeling pretty good except my Neuropathy has gotten much worse over the past few weeks. My oncologist said that without the Oxy, that I would feel a lot better. I am hopeful that it is just getting worse before it gets better. My hands are so bad that I am continually dropping things and having a hard time using them. This is something that I definitely need to discuss with my doctor. Other than that, I feel really "normal" and healthy. There are many days now that I wake up and have a hard time believing that I am even "sick". I am taking this as a wonderful sign that I will beat this nasty disease despite the odds.

Life is pretty wonderful right now and I am thankful for all my blessings. Mark has been a wonderful support to me and makes me a believer. I see a bright future ahead of me that is not filled with sadness. I don't think so much anymore of not being here for him or my children. I believe that I will conquer and live a healthier life with him by my side.

My kids are thriving now. Kaylie is doing wonderful in school. I am so very proud of her. She has really made a turnaround and I contribute that to my mom's loving support of her and the fact that mommy is not so depressed and angry anymore. Tyler has been doing fabulous and has made huge progress. He ADHD and other issues are being managed beautifully and I feel much more in control of the situation. Logan has entered the "terrible twos" and is in to everything. He is such a little stinker. They are all doing great! :0)

I'll update again soon when I have more details on my treatment. I am very thankful for my blessings and for each moment. Thank you all again for your support and prayers.