Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Kicked off Cycle 16

So, yesterday I went in for my five hour infusion. It went well and as always I fought the benedryl. I hate to sleep, so I watched kitty shows on Animal Planet, chatted with the other patients and nurses, texted with my a few people, and read a little. It actually went by pretty fast. I had my blood counts done just before infusion and they are normal still. The Doctor said that this chemo shouldn't affect them as much as the Oxy did.

My neuropathy is still really bad. My hands and feet are constantly numb and sometimes it's all the way up to my knees. I guess that is unusual. The doctor was surprised that my old clinic gave me the full 12 cycles of Oxy with symptoms this bad. It sounds as if this may be a permanent condition for me. It is uncomfortable and frustrating when I can' open things myself or normal small motor tasks take longer than usual, but it is something that I an live with.

I will have another PET scan in three weeks to determine the process of this current treatment. I am crossing my fingers and praying that it continues to do its job. I will have one more cycle before it is done here in Duluth, MN. Then I will have an appointment with the doctor to go over the results.

I also learned yesterday that the doctor here has been giving me steroids in my pre-meds. I am not happy about this. I went through 13 cycles of treatment without it, so I am not sure why they are giving it to me now. I have noticed a marked change in the way I feel. I feel way worse than I ever have. Increased hunger, thirst, urination, water retention, weight gain, and headaches. I feel like I am constantly hungry and thirsty. This is something that I am going to discuss with the nurses on Friday (when I gt unhooked from my pump) to see if they can get the Doctor to eliminate this as part of my treatment for now unless it is necessary.

The rest of my life is wonderful. I started my class at University of Phoenix and it has certainly been keeping my mind occupied. I have a busy week this coming week with papers due, Kindergarten preview for Tyler, and a couple of other appointments. It is nice to be living life with my honey and my kiddos. My daughter has one more month of school and then she will join us here in MN. I am so excited for that. We talk and text daily, but it just isn't enough.

Thanks to everyone who continues to support me, pray for me, and cheer me on. You are all blessings to my life.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

Went to see the Doctor this morning for my check-up and to go over the results of the blood tests I had done on Monday. My CEA (tumor marker) went down from 770.9 to 697. My Liver is functioning normally and all my blood work was normal. A CT/PETSCAN is being scheduled in four weeks time to see where we are at with treatment. For now, things are improving and the treatment is working.

I took both my boys in for their check-ups and they withheld a couple of my youngest child's shots because they are live vaccines. There was concern that it might be too dangerous for me during treatment. I mentioned it at my appointment today and they told me that if I can avoid changing his diapers for 72 hours, he could receive his shots. That would be impossible, so I am holding off for now.

My youngest currently has a cold that I am trying to avoid getting. I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow as a precautionary measure. Poor little guy!

I started my class at the University of Phoenix on Tuesday. I am really excited about taking this step to further my education. Plus, as a added bonus it keeps my mind occupied on other things besides the big "C".

Thanks for all the continued support and prayers. I know they are working as I have been blessed with more time with my loved ones.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cycle 15 completed

Not sure what happened to my last update from the restart of my treatment that I posted a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was time for another update. On Wed, I went in for about five hours of infusion at the clinic and came home with my "baby bottle" for two days. I was unhooked early this afternoon and get to enjoy a week of freedom now. I am feeling alright so far. A little more tired and it seems that I have been getting really emotional on unhook days. I think that it is the one day that I tend to sit on the "pity potty" and think all sorts of irrational thoughts. Often times, I think of milestones in my children's life that I want to experience. With my middle child going to Kindergarten in the fall, I think of how I so badly want to see my youngest do the same.

My daughter's 11th birthday is next week and I think of what a beautiful young woman she has become. I want to see her go to her prom, graduate high school, go to college, get married, and one day have babies of her own. I want that more than anything.

I think of how lucky I am to have a wonderful man like Mark in my life. How important he has become to me and how much I want to share a beautiful future with him. He is so supportive and puts up with my many ups and downs along this journey. I am a very lucky lady!

I start my first class with the University of Phoenix next week. I am excited and nervous at the same time. It is one of those things that I have put off for too long. I am looking at this cancer as a chronic illness instead of thinking the worst. This is something that I can LIVE with.

Next week, I get my blood tests done and see the doctor. I will update again then. Hopefully, I will have good news to report on the chemo's progress. As always, I appreciate all of the people who keep me in their thoughts and daily prayers. You all have been so wonderful in helping me to stay positive and keep fighting.