Monday, February 1, 2010

New round starts Wed

So, my new round of Chemo starts on Wed afternoon. I will get Chemo this week and the Erbitux next week. Then, I am taking a two week break from treatment for my trip to Minnesota. I should be done with this round of treatment in May if everything continues to go well. Hopefully, this time the cancer will go into remission. I an still feeling really great and the kids are doing well to. They have settled into our new home nicely.

It has been nice living so close to my oldest brother as we can visit more often now. My children absolutely adore him. Especially my middle child. He is always wanting to go to his apartment. It is so adorableRemove Formatting from selection.

Thanks once again for the continued support and prayers. I really think that attitude is everything when dealing with Cancer. I refuse to let it get the best of me. Do I have days were I feel overwhelmed and sad? Of course I do. The unknown is always lurking in my mind. However, I do feel very optimistic that I am winning here. :0)


  1. Vicki,

    Count at least one more thinking about you! Hope the session goes well and enjoy MN. I'm sure you will. Sorry I can't be up there during that time.


  2. Thanks Rex! That means a lot to me. Enjoying MN and my visit with your Dad so much that I don't want my vacation to ever end. Wish you could visit, but we will meet in person soon. :o)