Friday, April 16, 2010

Cycle 15 completed

Not sure what happened to my last update from the restart of my treatment that I posted a couple of weeks ago, but I thought it was time for another update. On Wed, I went in for about five hours of infusion at the clinic and came home with my "baby bottle" for two days. I was unhooked early this afternoon and get to enjoy a week of freedom now. I am feeling alright so far. A little more tired and it seems that I have been getting really emotional on unhook days. I think that it is the one day that I tend to sit on the "pity potty" and think all sorts of irrational thoughts. Often times, I think of milestones in my children's life that I want to experience. With my middle child going to Kindergarten in the fall, I think of how I so badly want to see my youngest do the same.

My daughter's 11th birthday is next week and I think of what a beautiful young woman she has become. I want to see her go to her prom, graduate high school, go to college, get married, and one day have babies of her own. I want that more than anything.

I think of how lucky I am to have a wonderful man like Mark in my life. How important he has become to me and how much I want to share a beautiful future with him. He is so supportive and puts up with my many ups and downs along this journey. I am a very lucky lady!

I start my first class with the University of Phoenix next week. I am excited and nervous at the same time. It is one of those things that I have put off for too long. I am looking at this cancer as a chronic illness instead of thinking the worst. This is something that I can LIVE with.

Next week, I get my blood tests done and see the doctor. I will update again then. Hopefully, I will have good news to report on the chemo's progress. As always, I appreciate all of the people who keep me in their thoughts and daily prayers. You all have been so wonderful in helping me to stay positive and keep fighting.


  1. I think if you want to have a pity party go right certainly earned the right.

    My mom died of colon cancer when she was 47 so it is never far from my mind. Last year I started what I hope to be yearly post...I call them "Bum Plugs" in an attempt to spread the word on the importance of early colon screening.I would love it if you could stop over for a visit at "Getting Back To Basics" and grab my "Live Your Life...Get Tested!" badge from my sidebar and add it to yours with a link to my post:


    My second "Bum Plug" will be posted on April 29th.

    Please help me spread awareness and keep up the good fight. My thoughts are with you.

  2. I think you are one of the most positive and optimistic people I know. I know you are succeeding each cycle you go through.

    The BEST part about starting UOP - is that you will be too busy with homework and such that you won't have time for you brain to think too much.

    You are doing great - LOVE ya!