Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lots of Living to do

It's been awhile since I updated this blog. I got into kind of a funk where I got tired of always discussing the Big "C" word. In my everyday life, I try to live my life positively and immerse my thoughts and self in other projects. Lately, I have been digging into my classes, training for a half-marathon with my daughter, and just enjoying every moment with my kids. This post may end up pretty long - as I finally have something to say and a lot of updating to do.

I can't believe that another year has come and gone. 2011 passed in a flash. I have been blessed to have celebrated another birthday this year (my 37th) and shared another Christmas with my three beautiful children and my boyfriend, Mark. We had a great Christmas together and the kids are really happy. I even managed to catch the three of them in one photo on Christmas Morning!

My daughter bought me the most beautiful necklace for Christmas. she couldn't wait to give it to me, so she actually gave it to me on Christmas Eve. I had been admiring this necklace while we were out shopping, but I never dreamed that my daughter would buy it for me (It was pretty expensive for a little girl to buy) Isn't it beautiful?

Christmas morning, the kids were excited to open their gifts and I think Santa brought them just what they wanted. The boys spent the day playing quietly with their new toys and Kaylie enjoyed some of her new loot before hanging out with some of her friends and exchanging gifts with them. Mommy also got a very unexpected Christmas gift from Mark. We've been together for 2 years now and he bought me the most beautiful ring for Christmas. Gifts aside, the best part was being with my kids for another Christmas. The kids had their Winter break from school and the boys got lots of snow time in with Mark.

We all quickly got back into the routine of school, work, and treatment for me. School has been great for me and I reached a major milestone in my education this year. I finally finished all of my general education, only have my major classes now and I graduate in less than a year with my BA in Early Childhood Education. I'm seriously considering taking a short break (3 weeks) and diving right into classes for my Masters.

As for my treatment update, I got a short "break" from treatment over the holidays and resumed on January 4th, 2012. Things are going pretty well and I am feeling great. I had a few difficult cycles of treatment with some pretty nasty nausea and vomiting. My anti-nausea medicine decided to stop working, so my Oncologist quickly found a new medicine that has been working great for me. My last scan showed the cancer as stable and actually some improvement. Still thinking positive and living in the moment.

Yesterday, my daughter and I registered for a half-marathon here in Minnesota. It's in August and 169 days from today. We are excited to do something so positive and rewarding as a mother-daughter experience. Something that the two of us can be proud of and never forget! So, since it's still cold and snowy outside, we have been training indoors on the treadmill. Looking forward to doing some runs outside when the weather gets nicer. We are seriously considering doing the Tinkerbell Half next year as well. Lots of planning and saving would have to occur to make that happen.

I'm in a much better place in my mind and I need to think of this blog as a journal of my life and less of a cancer blog. Thanks to all of you for your continued thoughts, prayers and support. It means more to me than you know.

Until Next time,

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