Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PET Scan results

Thanks to my mom asking the nurse after I had a meltdown, she went over my PET scan results with me. Unlike my worst fears, the cancer has not spread. The twinges that I feel in my liver are actually the cancer cells dying and the tumor shrinking. The chemo is doing it's job.

We are currently in my last cycle (Cycle 12). I will get unhooked on Thursday afternoon and I am done with Chemo. I still may have to go in for my once weekly biological treatments depending on what my Oncologist decides. I do have a treatment next Tuesday for sure.

In the mean time, I have to obtain my CT scan that was done in July from the hospital and have it sent to the Radiologist to do a comparison.

2010 really does seem like it is going to be a much better year than last year. I have the support of my wonderful friends and family. I feel really optimistic about the future now.

The kids are doing great and have adjusted to our new home well. Fortunately, they got to attend same schools. Tyler starts back on Thursday after having to get his bus route situated. He is anxious to go back and see his teacher and his friends. The boys and I get up every morning and walk Kaylie to school. It is too far for her to walk alone. Logan is thriving and is still my little "chunky monkey". He likes to say "Wow" over and over. It is so adorable. I love them all so much.

The rest of my personal life is awesome to say the least. I really am content with life and thankful that I have been so blessed.

I will update again on Thursday when I get my pump unhooked and get my shot. No serious side effects yet except for the neuropathy that started during my last cycle. This may or may not be a permanent condition. Only time will tell.

Love you all,


  1. Woohoooo - that is AWESOME news VickI!!!! So glad the cancer is working and everything else is falling into place.

    Stay positive - love ya!



  2. Vicki,
    I am so happy to hear the GREAT NEWS. I have been praying for you all the time. I am so glad all news is good. Love to hear from you soon. Say Hi to KK and the boys and to your mom and JW. Bill