Monday, November 16, 2009

Post treatment update

Thought I would give everyone a post treatment update. I am actually doing quite well. My appetite has been a lot better and I actually managed to gain a few pounds instead of losing. I know this will help me to keep my strength up and be better in the long run.

The kids are keeping me going. I wake up and smile when I see them. They really are the light of my life. I have been truly blessed with three amazing and very different kids. They each amaze me in their own ways. I felt bad this morning because my pre-teen daughter had a crying meltdown and couldn't explain why she was crying. I know the uncertainty in out lives is taking its toll on her. I really wish that she would agree to counseling.

I have so much to do around this house. We are down-sizing and moving to an apartment hopefully in December. I wish I had a little more energy to get things done. I actually accomplished a lot so far and have been doing some serious cleaning and getting rid of stuff. It is amazing how much "junk" you collect over the years. It has been difficult to survive financially over the past few months, but this month really put the squeeze on. I haven't received any money from my ex for child support. Yet, he has had the money to feed himself, his girlfriend and our son at restaurants and fast food. It really makes me angry at how selfish he is being. Anyways, I need to get cracking on packing up this house. At least I was able to go through the playroom and get rid of toys while my little man was with his dad.

This week there is so much to do. I have my Erbitux treatment today. Plus, I have to run a couple of errands. Then on Thursday, we have the dreaded PET scan. I am extremely nervous for the results, but I know that it must be done. We have put it off for far too long. I'm just not looking forward to the two hours it takes and not being able to have carbs or sugar the day before. The day of, I can only have water. I am not a water drinker, so this will be difficult for me. ;0) Enough whining from me...I WILL survive!

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