Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We (the kids and I) will be spending a relaxing Christmas Eve with my mom and my brothers. Then we will most likely spend Christmas Day day home. I am so excited for the kids to open their gifts. We have been truly blessed this year with lots of friends and family that love us very much and have made sure that my kids have the kind of Christmas they deserve and more. This is going to be a fantastic Christmas for them. :o)

Tomorrow is my biological treatment day. I don't look forward to them as they also give me Benedryl through my port and it makes me so sleepy. I always make sure mom has plenty of reading material for when I fall asleep on her.

Thanks to everyone for the continued prayers and support. I really am feeling great and happier than ever. I am optimistic that I will beat this even if the "odds" are against me. I refuse to be another statistic.

I have met more and more young Stage IV Colon cancer patients and it really makes me want to do something to push for earlier screening. Most of my friends who have Stage IV Colon cancer are under the age of 40. My newest friend is only 26 with mets to her lungs. Something needs to be done..just not sure where to start. :0(

Not to leave this on a "downer"..Have a safe and happy holiday and I will most likely post another update after Christmas or at the start of Cycle 11 on the 28th. We are getting close to the end now :0)


  1. Vickers, I hope this finds you in great spirit I wish I could take all this away with the swish of a paint brush and make life better for you. You are in my prays all the time. Give all the kids a hug say Hi to KK and give her a hug from Grandpa Alger.
    give JW a swift talking to he never answers and never calls back life is short and special and now is not the time to not talk for we may not have that opertunity tomorrow as God can take us at anytime. With you Vickers you will make it and this challenge in life will make you stronger and a better person Love you and everyone in AZ Be in touch. Tell KK to call anytime and Vickers PLEASE CALL ME. Love to hear from you. Bill A.

  2. Happy Holidays VickI :D I LOVE the positiveness in what you wrote and I am so glad you are optimistic. Yeah for a good Christmas - you all deserve it.

    Love ya~ xoxo D