Saturday, September 12, 2009


I just finished Cycle 4 of my Chemo yesterday and I still feel pretty good. The Chemo that I am taking fortunately does not make you lose your hair, but the biological treatment that I have every Tuesday makes me break out like a teenager :0( Still don't have much of an appetite, but that usually returns after the metallic taste has left my mouth. Cold sensitivity is pretty high right now. Touching anything cold feels like I am being burned. Made it hard to make that Frozen pizza for the kids for lunch.

I think my daughter is getting a cold, so I made her some chicken noodle soup. My mom is making us her famous "pie pie" and Chocolate Chip cookies for dinner. Hoping my appetite returns by them as those are my favorites. Looking forward to spending the weekend relaxing with my mom and the kids. I feel so fortunate to have my mom nearby. She has been a tremendous support through all of this.

My hubby will be gone for a least another month. He just signed his truck lease and has finally been making the miles that we were praying for. yay! We (the kids and I) miss him, but know that he is out there trying to provide for us. It has been difficult for him to be away from us, but we are making the best of the situation. We have lots of long telephone conversations that help us through.

I am especially thankful for all my extended family and friends who follow me on facebook, my blog and daily who are praying for me. I really do believe that those prayers are working. At last check my CEA counts were half of what we started with. The Chemo is working to kick this cancer's bootie!


  1. I love you. Hang in there. You'll beat this.

  2. VickI ~ I LOVE YOU and your positivity! You are doing awesome and have the right attitude through it all. Keep fighting the battle and I have no doubt you will win it! Take care of yourself :)

    Hugs ~ xoxo, Danica