Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surgery and Post-op

The morning of July 3rd, 2009, I was taken in for exploratory surgery. The surgery ended up taking about 6 hours. While they were in surgery, they discovered that I had a 16mm tumor on my colon which they removed, a perforated bowel, and a 13mm tumor on my liver. My insides were almost septic and they had to flush me out about 6 times. I was on a multitude of antibiotics from the infectious disease Doctor during my entire eight day hospital stay and ended up needing a blood transfusion.

After the surgery was completed, I was very groggy and completely lost on what everyone was telling me. I could not comprehend that at age 34, I have stage IV Colon Cancer. They warned me that the next year would be the hardest battle of my life. My doctors were my peers and they themselves were in shock.

My hospital stay was wonderful (as far as being in a hospital goes). The Doctors and Nurses were great and did a wonderful job of explaining things to me. My surgeon's PA was awesome and even printed out a ton of information for me on treatment options and what my diagnosis means. I refuse to listen to statistics..I am young and otherwise healthy..I can totally kick this cancer to the curb!

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