Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting a Break!

Doctor decided to take it easy on me and give me two weeks off on my weekly biological treatment in order for my acne-like rash to clear up a little. When we restart, they will be giving me a lower dose to help manage the side effects. I am really happy about is my face after all ;0)

My family and I finally have a plan on how to get my PET scan completed since I can't be around my children for 6 hours following. I am nervous about it, but I know it will give them a baseline as to where we are really at with my cancer.

Today, I am finally feeling much better after a much rougher cycle 4 last week. Finally, I have my appetite back and am looking forward to a fully loaded Subway Sandwich for a late lunch. Nothing else much planned for the day except spending time with my kiddos.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah for feeling better, getting a break, for Subway! and for the super cute blog your daughter created - LOVE it all!

    You are doing great - keep up the good work!

    xoxo, Danica