Friday, September 18, 2009


No big plans for the weekend except hanging out with my mom and the kids. We may treat ourselves and get a Starbucks too.

I am really enjoying the break from the biological treatments - already seeing a difference in my skin. Hopefully, I can keep it a little more managed with the new lower dose when we resume this treatment in the 30th. Currently, I am gearing up for Cycle 5 next week and hoping that it goes a little better for me than Cycle 4. Normally, I feel better the Tuesday after I get "unhooked", but this week it really took until today (Friday) for me to feel "normal". Hopefully, this will be the worst of it. :0)

Couldn't schedule my PET scan yet as the tech informed us that it is actually 10 hours that I need to keep my distance from my children, (At least an arms length). This means that my children need to spend the night elsewhere or it will never work. Needless to say, anyone who has children understands that it would be next to impossible to keep my kids away from me if we are in the same house. LOL

Looking forward to some "fun stuff" that is in the planning stages that I will update you all on at a later date. ;0) Really want to spend as much time doing things with my family and my children as life and time in general is just too precious to waste.

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